Even for lower-end hotels, the quality of room decoration is undoubtedly paramount. Guests expect a certain level of comfort and style in their room, and it’s up to a hotel to ensure that these needs are satisfied. Tired rooms that have not been redecorated for a significant period can really damage a guest’s perception of a hotel, even if other elements are very high-quality. A good way of avoiding this without having to spend too much money is to refresh the room regularly rather than redecorating it entirely. This article includes a few ideas that can help hotel owners and operators to do exactly that.

Regularly Change the Artwork

The artwork on display in a hotel room says a lot about the hotel and the place that it is in. Regularly changing the prints that are in the room is a great way to keep things feeling fresh. Most hotels would be advised to steer away from the bland artwork that often dominates major international business hotels and instead choose something a little more evocative of the hotel’s setting. This tends to leave a better impression on guests.

Keep on Top of Room Maintenance

Maintenance tasks that are not carried out or are left for an extended period of time can eventually build into a significant job that requires a considerable amount of investment. Making sure that you keep on top of these tasks and resolve every issue as soon as possible after it arises will help to avoid this type of problem.

A good way of doing this is to make sure that all issues are recorded in a central location as soon as they are reported. This avoids problems arising when messages are not passed on, and certain people do not find out about work that needs to be done.

All in all, a proactive approach is the best way of making sure that a hotel room looks fantastic and continues to attract guests for many years to come. Constantly doing small jobs is far more effective than waiting for a ‘big bang’ renovation.